Fertilizers Division

Raw Materials & Liquid Formulations Range

Cotton Glob Special

Make a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, increased flowering crop yield.

Sugarcane Special

Increased nutrient uptake capacity. Sweetness, Size and Production Capacity.

Pomegranate Special

Bio-Stimulant Improves the characteristic of Leaf Area and Fruit Size, color and Sweetness of Pomegranate

Grapes Colossal Special

Grapes can grow in almost in all over the parts berry size juicy,stimulates the division and elongation of the Grapes cells.

Chana Special

Increased flowering and Fruiting, size and Number of branches and ultimately the yield.

Apple Grower Special

Grower stimulant regulate vegetative and reproductive growth in apple. Sprays were applied to the buds growing in the leaf axils of the existing fruiting and non fruiting spurs.

Soya bean Special

Develop Seeds & leaves size, Increased oil content in seeds.increased cell division and ultimately Crop yield.

Orange Special

Fruit drop of orange can be controlled in early stages of fruit development by applying two sprays of Special Stimulant.

Cardamom Special

“ELAICHI” The'Queen of Spices'.Application of Bio-Stimulant enhances nitrification and improve the soil Quality, resulting in good plant growth & fruit Setting.

Paddy Grower Special

production of large fruit and bunch length, Promotes stipple length and growth rate of secondary and tertiary tillers

Banana Glob Special

Applied on plant to improve crop vigour, yields, quality,size,sweetness and texture of Banana.

Jeera (Cumin) Special

Stimulant applied for flower boosting and increased Dwarf bunches of crop.

Products Available For All Kind of Formulations for Fruits and Vegitables.

Qualitative Raw Materials and Customized Formulations of Farmfield gives Excellent Results on Crops with Free Consultation from Experties Team for Best Results.

Super Potassium Fulvic Humate flakes
Potassium Humate Powder
Humic Acid Powder
Super Potassium Humate Crystal
Humic Acid Round Granules
Amino Acid 50% Compound
Amino Acid 80% Soya based
Fulvic Acid Potassium
Seaweed Extract Powder
Seaweed Extract flakes
Seaweed Extract Gel
Brassinoloid 0.01%SP
Humic+Fulvic+Seaweed Gel
Plant Growth Promoters
Bio-stimulant Powder

Liquid Formulation Range

Humic Acid Liquid

1. Humic Acid 12% Liquid

Humic + Fulvic Liquid

Humic 12% + Fulvic 6% Liquid

Amino Acid (ProteinHydrolysate) Liquid

Amino Acid 10% Amino Acid 20% Amino Acid 30%

Seaweed(Zyme) Extract Liquid

Seaweed Extract10% Seaweed Extract20% Seaweed Extract30%

All Types Of Bio-Stimulants, Flower Booster